Fall has finally arrived!

Michigan is one of the most beautiful places you can be in the fall, with the vast forests turning an array of beautiful fall colors. In just a few weeks when September rolls around, the view at our High Bluffs Lodge will become even more stunning than it already is. Not only will you get a beautiful outlook of the lake, all of the trees will also be turning a beautiful red,orange, and yellow. Another wonderful way to spend the fall months if you're staying in any of your Williamsburg properties, is to take a drive along the peninsula, taking in all of the fall colors, as well as the chance to visit all the wineries for the harvest season. There’s also lots to do with the kiddos, Rnnies Orchard is a locally owned farm with a corn maze, apple picking, a pumpkin patch, and cherry orchard, and it is only a seven minute drive from our newest property the Ann Riley FarmHouse, and from our Engle Farm House property. There is also lots of fun to be offered out near our Grayling properties, the first and foremost being the breathtaking view of the Ausable river and the surrounding forest in the fall, with the brilliant fall colors in the forest, and the colorful leaves falling from the trees and gliding down the river, it’s definitely a sight to behold. And a great way to take it in is sitting on the sun porch of one of our riverside properties The Royal Stag Lodge, The Pine Bend Cottage, and Uncle Tom's Cabin, which are all sitting right on the river bank. There is also plenty to do in town as well, with the Hartwick Pines State park only being twenty minutes away! This is one of the most beautiful state parks Michigan has to offer. I have been here many times myself, there’s a beautiful beach, lots of fun trails and a really fun play structure that is themed after the surrounding pine forest! No matter where you stay you can’t go wrong with any of our properties especially in the fall!


We hope to see you soon!

-The Royal Stag Team